can chafing cause a rash

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When the causes of chafing are known, it would be possible to avoid pain while enhancing recovery soon. The recovery, however, can also for days. When in tight clothes or sweating under intense exercise, there’s friction between the apparel and the skin. This experience causes irritation or can even lead to inflammation of the area. It would be important to understand the causes before going for the first aid or treatment so as to prevent the condition in the near future.

How does chafing come about?
When thighs rub against each other, or the shoes rub against the heels, friction is inevitable. Continued rubbing and friction will cause the epidermis layer of the skin to wear out. There are some of the conditions that hasten friction such as excessive pressure, moisture on the skin, heat and the rate of sweating. It could also depend on the parts of the skin, some of the parts have thick layers of epidermis such as the soles of the feet and the palms of the hand. There are other parts of the body with thin layers of the skin, they are vulnerable to chafing as compared to other parts.

Chafing causes rashes.
The wearing of the epidermis layer of the skin tends to cause rashes due to exposure of the inner soft tissues.