can chafing itch

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What happens during vigorous exercise?
When doing an intense physical activity or sport, the body responds by increasing the metabolic activity. The activity often comes in the form of increased heart beat and blood flow rate. The increased physiological processes often lead to profuse sweating that can lead to the clothes worn stick to the body and chafing occurs inevitably. It occurs as a result of continued friction between the body and the apparel.
Which area itch when under intense activity?
When doing a physical activities or any other activity that could lead to increased sweating, it would be important to consider the various products to prevent chafing. Some of the areas that are greatly affected by chafing is the nipples. Studies show that the nipples due to continued friction between the apparel and the skin could not only lead to pain but also bleeding.
Effects of chafing on skin.
The friction continued friction between the skin and the clothing leads to itching. Skin often becomes soft when in contact with the fluids. Coincidentally during a physical activity, the skin becomes soaked in sweat. This makes the skin soft and vulnerable to friction with the clothing. Under intense physical activity the skin could itch, or become inflamed.