Chafing Injuries

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Chafing is one of the most unpleasant experiences around. It occurs when skin or other foreign objects rub against the skin. These injuries are due to friction. When two parts of the body rub back and forth continuously, it causes abrasion. This rubbing will eventually injure the skin. Friction will worsen when elements like heat, sweat, force, or dryness are involved.

Relentless rubbing or chafing causes skin injuries that range from a rash to mild irritation. It is not uncommon to see burns, wounds, and raw skin. When you get to the point that you have an open wound, it is vulnerable to infection. The thickness of the skin in the area also has some bearing on how bad the injuries will be.

The density of fat within the area can be protective in some parts of the body, but in other parts of the body, it won?t provide much help at all. When the body perspires, it is throwing off body heat. The real problem, however, is that it is bringing the bodies salt and mineral content to the surface. These little grains act like sandpaper and exfoliate the skin. Consequently, the body only needs so much exfoliation before it tears.

What begins as slight irritant can grow into microscopic tears in your top layer of skin. It doesn’t take long to feel the pain. Having an anti-chafing cream can really help to protect the skin and ensure these irritations don’t occur.