Chafing Skin Can Lead to Blisters

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When a person has skin that is chafing it is annoying and itchy. Chafing can also be painful. When a person notices this condition they need to make sure to treat it right away. If left untreated chafing can cause painful blisters and infections.
A blister occurs when the layers of skin separate. The epidermis separates from the dermis and as a result a fall bubble that is filled with fluid occurs. Since chafing is an irritation of the skin and caused by friction against the skin it can lead to blisters.
To prevent blisters from irritated skin a person should clean and dry the skin in the area where the irritation or soreness has occurred. They should then put a layer of petroleum jelly over the skin to help soothe it and to help prevent blisters from forming. Chafing can be a painful condition especially when the skin starts to blister. This condition should not be ignored and a person should treat their skin to help prevent blisters from forming.