chafing when walking

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When many people walk long distances their legs chaff and become sore. Left untreated the chaffed legs can lead to sores and reoccurring pain. Why this occurs and what can be done is the focus of this article.

Why chaffing when walking

Walking produces friction when your legs touch and your legs may get chaffed as a result of the friction that is created. Over time walking can lead to sores on your inner thighs from the chaffed area which can be quite painful.

Who is most susceptible to chafing

Those who are overweight, those who exercise a lot, and those who spend time in hot and humid weather are most susceptible to chafing while walking. Sweat in particular will often lead to chaffed legs when they rub against one another.

Common solutions for chafing when walking

Since you can’t avoid walking the best solutions are wearing the right clothing and avoiding loose fitting clothes. In addition a lubricant can greatly reduce the amount that your legs are chafed. Also try to keep your inner thighs dry and pat off the sweat When possible to do so.