do chafing scars go away

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There are a number of way to treat chafing scars as well prevent chafing scars from appearing on the body. One way to help make chafing scars go away is to use manuka tea tree oil mixed with honey, this will help treat the scars. Another method for ridding the body of such scars is to simply use coconut oil, plain coconut oil or coconut oil mixed with herbs will help get the job done. After selecting an oil, boiling either holy basil or neem leaves into the oil is a necessary procedure then once that is complete the next step is to apply the oil on the scar. Applying such Turmeric which is considered to be a handy antibacterial and antiseptic would be a proper and ideal way to help treat such scars.

Petroleum jelly is said to help reduce chafing scar marks and creams such as medicated creams and sandalwood cream would be ideal options with dealing and soothing the skin from scar marks. More base methods when dealing with chafing would be for the body to consume drink plenty of water before and after exercising before and after as well for it to have a balance diet consisted of vitamins and minerals.