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Friction generates heat on objects in the air, in the water or on land. Fish in water experience it, brakes on an automobile create it, and a screw gets hot when you turn it. When your skin feels friction, painful chafing occurs. A chafe definitiondescribes a potentially complex skin problem. As a person who may weigh more than others or as an athlete, you are likely to experience the condition. Coping with it is probably easier than you may think, and there are things that you can do to avoid it.

Focusing on Common Chafing Areas

Well-developed legs and thighs are the most likely areas to develop skin irritation when they rub against other bare skin. Your upper arms are usually areas that allow the skin to rub against your chest, and the result gives you a clear understanding of a chafing definition. Your nipples and groin area are often sites where a painful skin irritation occurs as well. An online chafe definition describes the condition as one that produces damage to your skin from abrasion. A skin allergy affects the largest organ in your body.

Friction can make your skin itch, burn, sting, turn red or even bleed. Damage from it does not go away on its own, but it responds promptly to treatment just as skin allergies do. The key is to start treatment for a skin irritation as soon as you notice that you have a problem.

Understanding Contributing Causes

After you feel the sensation one time, you no longer have to ask what is chafing. Usually occurring in hot weather, the damage to your skin hurts even more when perspiration makes it sting. When your skin is dry, it can resist the painful effects more effectively than when it is damp. Check online for a chafing definition so that you can understand the problem facing you.

Overly Developed Muscles and Extra Body Weight

Expanding the size of your thighs and upper arms through exercise reduces the amount of space that they have for free movement away from your body. When you find out what is chafing, you know why it hurts. Excess weight uses all of the available space that usually separates the thighs or the arms from the chest. Producing a skin allergy type of reaction, it is painful to touch. A skin irritation is a serious condition that may have dangerous consequences.

Clothing and Chafing

Loose fitting clothes are just as inappropriate as tight fitting garments, and both contribute to discomfort for athletes and overweight people. Fabrics that do not wick lets the skin remain wet, worsening conditions. Understanding the meaning of a?chafe definition requires acceptance of the damp conditions that help create it. Excess moisture that coats your skin when you sweat or participate in water sports needs clothing that fits correctly and draws moisture away. Clothes that have no seams are your best choices when you are an active athlete or overweight.

Skin Allergies

If your skin is sensitive and you know that you have a tendency toward a skin allergy, you have a greater obligation to take precautions. Abrasion that results from chafing can create tears in the surface tissue and invade deeper layers of your skin where your capillaries and nerve endings need protection.

Chafing and Repetitive Movements

Walking is one of the most repetitive movements that you make, and it is often the cause of the discomfort that you feel. The condition worsens in the heat of hot summer days and nights, and it can become so severe that you avoid walking or climbing stairs. Expecting the hot temperatures that you are sure to experience can help you plan to avoid the consequences by wearing proper clothing and lubricating your skin. An online chafing definition tells you that something that is too tight and rubbing on your skin can cause damage.

Skin Residue

Some harmless substances like salt, sand, water and perspiration generally cause no harm, but they can make the damage from chafing more complicated. After swimming in salt water, grains can stay on your skin as irritants. Removing your bathing suit immediately after a swim lets your skin dry off, and eliminating dampness from affected areas is a step toward healing. Exercise clothes that are damp retain moisture that promotes some skin allergies. Running or cycling long distances is sure to generate massive amounts of sweat, and getting into dry clothes as soon as possible can help alleviate pain and discomfort.Learning what is chafing can help you prevent it.

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