Will Deodorant Prevent Chafing

Best products to use in the test

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Chafing is the not-so-fun side effect of summer. The burning, itchy and pain can be prevented with a simple item that you probably have on hand right now – deodorant. The stick-type of any brand of deodorant will help prevent chafing when applied to the body areas prone to develop this summertime malady.

Rub It In
After bathing, rub the deodorant stick on the skin between thighs, under breasts or any other skin areas where chafing occurs. The ingredients in the deodorant help prevent perspiration and friction, the two things needed to create a chafing situation.

Smell Fresh
Deodorant not only will help prevent chafing throughout the day, but will also keep you smelling fresh and prevent embarrassing wetness caused from sweat.

Take Along
Purchase your favorite brand and scent of an invisible, solid deodorant stick in a travel size version and tuck in into your purse to take along with you. Reapply as needed to help you stay comfortable and smelling fresh, even on the hottest summer day.