Can Chafing be Itchy?

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Sore and Tender Skin
Chafing does have the ability to cause your skin to become itchy. Any affected area on your skin may become sore and tender. This may be a direct result of chafing. Skin that is sore and tender may become itchy and irritated. This skin issue does come with some common symptoms. Some symptoms of chafing may include the skin becoming itchy.

Symptoms and Itchy Skin
Chafing does come with a set of common symptoms. The symptoms may vary from person to person. The symptoms may be different depending on the location of the chafing is on the skin. Some of the common symptoms may create an itching sensation. The common symptoms include:
* a raised and reddened rash on skin
* a burning and itching sensation on the skin
* peeling, flaking and cracking on the skin
This is a skin issue that may cause the skin to become itchy and irritated. The itching can be treated and relieved.