Chafing Nipple

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If you have ever suffered from a chafing nipple, then you certainly know how painful and uncomfortable it can get. Although this is a common condition, for both men and women, especially, during some seasons, it is not to be underestimated. It is important that everyone is aware of the various causes of nipple chafe, its treatments and how to avoid it.

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Causes of Chafing Nipple

Chafing of the nipples can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being exercise. Chafing nipple happens when the body friction that results from clothing rubbing with this part of the body. Particularly, if the nipple is bear and the person exercising is wearing clothes made of a rough material, for example, cotton.

Normally, chafing of the nipple, starts with a small sting. However, the condition accelerates and becomes severe if no action is taken. In severe cases, chafing of the nipple will cause bleeding and a lot of pain around that area.

Chafing Nipple Prevention

Nipple chafing is a condition that is totally avoidable. First, people who plan on exercising should be very careful with the type of clothing they put on while exercising. For women, it is important to put on sports bra made of soft materials. Additionally, they should be checked to ensure that they are the perfect fit. As for men, if you plan on jogging with a vest or shirt, ensure that the material is not cotton or any other rough material. Overall, synthetic material the best for sports clothes. This is not only because it is soft on the skin. Rather, because, it is dries easily. Therefore, reduces acceleration of friction caused as a result of sweat.

Nipple chafing can also be prevented by wearing nipple guards. Nipple guards protect the nipple from getting in direct contact with the clothing while you run. This condition can also be prevented by applying a lubricant, such as, petroleum jelly, before exercising. If you do not want to go through the trouble of purchasing this anti-chafing products, then it is best that you avoid wearing lose fitting clothes or any tops at all while exercising.

Chafing Nipple Treatment

Finding yourself with a chafed nipple doesn’t mean that all is lost. There are several things that you can do to treat this issue. The first step is to start treating the chafing nipple immediately you notice a sting around the nipple area as you exercise. In this case, the application of any lubricant will help. This will prevent the chafing nipple from deteriorating.

However, if you notice the chafing nipple only when it is already painful, you can treat yourself by washing the nipple area, thoroughly, using an antiseptic. After this ensure that you apply some oil and take a break from exercising until the area heals. Lastly, visit a physician if you feel too much pain or if the nipple chafing has some bleeding to it.

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