Chafing Under Breasts

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Chafing under breasts is a common problem many women face. Chafing usually occurs when the skin on one part of the body continuously rubs against the skin on another part of the body causing an irritation in that area. Chafing under the breasts can occur during running or walking or just from the skin being in constant contact with a bra and creating friction. Women who are overweight might find that they experience chafing under breasts more often than others. Women who run or exercise may also find themselves with chafing under breasts because running also creates friction. Here are some easy solutions that are guaranteed to help those facing this problem.

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Stay Dry

Try to keep the chafed area as dry as possible. Apply a natural talcum powder under the breasts to keep the skin folds dry and sweat free. Wearing bras and t-shirts designed especially to wick away sweat from the body are highly recommended for those experiencing chafing under breasts. When at work, take a break mid day and head to the ladies room to gently dry the area under the breasts and reapply some talcum powder. Wearing wicking bras that do not have under wires and bulky push up pads every day is a good idea as wicking bras keep the skin ventilated.

Use a Lubricant

Chafing can also be prevented with the use of a lubricant like petroleum jelly. Easily available at most drug stores applying a little bit of petroleum jelly on the chafed area after cleaning it properly not only prevents friction and rubbing but seals out moisture from existing damaged skin, giving it a chance to recover and heal. Using a lubricant on the chafed area allows women to continue working out as it prevents chafing under breasts from getting worse. Trying and testing a few products like Runners Lube or Lanacane anti-friction gel is a good idea especially for those with sensitive skin. Alternately for those women looking to avoid chafing under the breasts without using a lubricant, there is protective tape available which can be cut and stuck under the breasts to prevent contact between the skin.

Use Water Wisely

Showering often and staying hydrated are key to prevent chafing under the breasts. Change right after a work out or a hot day, staying in sweaty wet clothes for as little time as possible. This prevents bacteria from building up under the breasts and causing inflammation or infection to chafed skin. Staying hydrated also helps by diluting the sweat and making it less corrosive to chafed skin. If the chafed skin has already developed open sores or wounds, be sure to clean them with warm water and cover them with a breathable gauze pad.

Using these tips should help anyone with a chafing under breasts problem. However if the chafing continues or gets worse with these suggestions, it may be a good idea to see a doctor and check for fungal infections or other skin complications that need medication. For women struggling with being overweight sometimes losing weight through eating healthy and exercising regularly is the only solution.

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