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Many people will experience rectal discomfort at some point in their life. Chafing of the anus can be especially painful. Using the bathroom, taking a shower or even sitting down may become more difficult. This article will discuss the causes of anal chafing and possible treatments.

What Causes Chafing in the Anus?

Raw skin inside the bottom does not usually indicate a serious issue. A chafing anus could be caused by not thoroughly cleaning the inside after a bowl movement. The bacteria of the stool can irritate the skin; causing it to become itchy.

Striping away the natural oils inside the buttox by using a harsh soap during bathing can also cause chafing of the anus. This can also cause bowel movements to become more painful since the oil protects the skin from the acidity of the stool.

Diarrhea is another common cause of a chafing anus. Needing to frequently wipe the area will cause the skin to become sore and raw. Additionally, consuming certain foods such as spicy foods or chocolate may irriate the anal area.

How to Treat Chafing of the Anus

It is important to keep the area clean. Gently wash the inside with a mild antibacterial soap that is unscented. Applying a petroleum jelly or medicated ointment on the anus afterwards will soothe and protect the area.

Try not to itch the area. Itching the skin will prolong the chafing and will lead to more itching. It is advised to take an antihistamine in this case. Keeping fingernails trimmed will also keep the skin from becoming excessively scratched.

Limiting the consumption of caffeinated beverages and alcohol may also reduce anal itching.


Means of preventing chafing of the anus are similar to how you would treat it. This includes keeping the area clean with mild soap and avoiding certain foods and drinks. It is recommended to eat a diet high in fiber to promote cleaner stool and prevent diarrhea.

Using baby wipes after each bowl movement may keep the skin from becoming irritated as well.

Products to Consider

There are a few products on the market that can treat and/or prevent chafing in the anus. The following products are currently available on the marketplace.

Butt Shield Skin Care is a roll-on product that protects from chafing. It is touted as “long lasting” and prevents friction induced pain. It is sanitary and comes with a personal applicator.

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Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion is a mild cleanser that does not require water or rinsing. It does not sting or burn upon application and provides moisturization without leaving an uncomfotable greasy residue. This product is also available in packets.

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DSE Anti-Monkey Butt Powder is an anti-friction powder that prevents chafing in the anus by absorbing excess sweat and moisture. The main ingredients used are talc and calamine powder. This product is ideal for individuals that participate in extreme sports or sit for long periods of time throughout the day.

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