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Being able to persevere and go the distance in a lengthy workout often leads to a feeling of accomplishment. However, having to deal with a sore aftermath of chafing can ruin the glow of a great workout. Using a chafing stick is an excellent way to combat the problem of chafing skin and can help athletes focus on their workouts rather than the painful feeling of being rubbed the wrong way.

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What is a Chafing Stick?

A chafing stick is a balm that glides on the skin and protects it from the rubbing that commonly occurs when being active during sports or running. Sweat, humid conditions, and certain types of clothing are common contributing factors to this rubbing and irritation. The balm from this deodorant-like stick is invisible, yet it protects the skin from these irritants.

How to apply a Chafing stick

The stick’s white balm should be applied directly to the skin prior to working out. Unlike ointments that can feel greasy and leave a residue, the balm of a chafing stick is smooth and glides right on. Even though one application should be plenty, the applicator is compact and can be easily stored in a gym bag or purse in case additional rubbing occurs.

Where to apply a Chafing Stick

While every athlete’s body is unique there are some areas of the body that commonly get irritated during exercise. Some areas that can benefit from an application of this product are as follows: the underside of arms, sides of the upper body, groin area, between the thighs, feet, lower back, back of the neck and collar area.

Why using a Chafing stick is crucial

The pain factor that results from chafing is the main reason consumers seek out this wonder-stick. Additionally, the soreness from rubbing is one that takes time to heal. For athletes who like to exercise frequently, there often isn’t enough time to for the areas of chafing to heal before they get aggravated again in subsequent workouts. Furthermore, applying lotions and ointments to sore areas afterwards seldom helps; typically lotions only cause further irritation to these damaged areas of the skin. Rather than enduring this uncomfortable and even painful cycle, using a chafing stick will alleviate the problem entirely.

Where to purchase a Chafing stick

Most sporting good stores carry a variety of chafing stick brands. They can also be purchased online. Websites such as and Amazon make it easy to buy this wonder-balm with just a touch of a button. Shipping charges are usually nominal since this product is small and lightweight. New brands continue to enter the market, but some of the more popular brands are Gold Bond Friction Defense and Bodyglide.

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