Chafing Thighs

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How to Stop Thigh Chafing in Its Tracks

You have this wonderfully active lifestyle and possibly just love the outdoors, especially in the summer. That being the case would mean that at some point your thighs have protested the union that you have been forcing them to have every time you walk or workout. The protest would best be described as thigh chafing. Unpleasant is one understating way to describe inner thigh chafing. When your thighs rub against each other they create friction that causes a painful irritation that can make your life one chafing thighs hell.

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Causes of Chafing Thighs

While chafing isn’t a condition solely affecting the thighs, it seems to relish chafing thighs. Its basic cause is friction between skins or between skin and fabric. This means it will run along with you as you are trying to beat your own time on the tracks. Thighs chafing will not help you too much to get to the finish line. In fact, your chaffing inner thighs may give before you get to the finish line. You may also just be well endowed below your waist so much your thigh rub reminds you every time you’re walking. Only thing is they say hallo to each other so much you wish you could be a home wrecker, (or in this case, a thigh wrecker). Now save for running or walking like a sumo wrestler you need to find a remedy to the chafing between thighs.

Chafing between thighs becomes worse when your skin is wet. When left to its own devices, chafing between thighs can become a nasty scabby rash that will make you wish you had a genie to wish your thighs away.

The Thigh Chafing Solution

So having gone through the horrors that come from thigh rub island you need to have ways to squash these thighs chafing atrocities. One of the best solutions to your chafed thighs is to keep them dry. This will stop further inner thigh chafing. It will also reduce the irritation. You could use powders like Talcum powder to keep the perspiration at bay. If you feel it inadequate you could add on an antiperspirant onto your sprinkler areas. Should the chafed thighs require more care you should sooth them with a cold water rinse and apply some petroleum jelly after dubbing the area dry.

To keep your chafed thighs from getting any worse, keep off that aggravating activity till your beloved chafing inner thighs heal. Should your chafing thighs get worse then you would advisedly visit your chafed thighs healer or health provider if you will.

You then need to know how to keep chafing inner thighs at bay in order to enjoy your life. One of the ways to prevent thighs chafing is to choose the right wear. It could be the right sportswear that does not retain moisture. It could also mean getting soft undergarments that are large enough to protect chafing inner thighs. Such undergarments are like Under-summers which are stretchy shorts. The best solution to thigh rub is prevention at all times. There is a solution for every inner thigh chafing sufferer.

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