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How We Chase the Chafing underwear Away

Constructed from synthetic materials, chafing underwear are made to prevent moisture absorption, one of the main causes of chafing. Traditional cotton underwear retains sweat, causing increased friction. More friction leads to itching, irritation, and possibly blisters or bleeding in cases of severe chafing. With a fabric that allows sweat to evaporate sooner, the risk of chafing is significantly reduced. These chafing underwear are lightweight and breathable, especially in the areas most susceptible to sweat and chafe: inner thighs, crotch, and buttocks.
So, not only do these help to evaporate sweat sooner, they actually cause you to sweat less.
Also, these chafing underwear are seamless; no seams means no excess of fabric to build up and rub your skin raw. The lack of seams and the right amount of spandex allows these underwear to move with your body no matter what the activity. Plus, that perfect amount of spandex creates a secure domain, a region where the only things moving are those that you want to move. With chafing underwear this breathable, flexible, and smooth in all the right places, it is almost like having a second skin ? if that skin were also extra supportive where it counts.

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It?s Not You, It?s Us

For those on this earth who are active and adventurous, those who grab life by the… well, let?s just say that that part of life would be rather comfortable in our underwear. These chafing underwear are for that person because chafing is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, it is something to be proud of; something to make you stand up and say, ?I prefer incredible underwear for my incredible life!?
Our chafing underwear truly are incredible! With a wide waistband and longer legs, they don?t slide, roll, or pinch. They stay put and do their job while you do yours. The longer legs also allow for more coverage and protection while still fitting easily under athletic wear.While there are a myriad of products out there to reduce chafe, the smart, efficient, and easiest choice is chafing underwear. A simple switch from plain cotton underwear to our comfortable, dynamic chafing underwear can make a world of difference in places that truly matter. For more information on chafing, as well as this and other products concerning chafing alleviation, please visit

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