Can Chafing Cause Boils

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What Causes Chafing

Chafing can happen to anyone in any place of their body. It happens when the skin rubs against the fabric, or when skin rubs against skin. The friction Any place on their body where skin comes in close contact with other skin or fabric is a potential area where chafe can occur.

What Causes Boils

A boil is a skin infection that is caused when a hair follicle gets infected and that is sometimes called a skin abscess. The boil usually starts out red and tender in one area. Then it softens and the area forms a pus head that can be drained out through the skin or surgically removed. Anyone can get a boil, but people who have diabetes, acne, skin problems, a suppressed immune system, or poor hygiene has a higher risk of developing boils.

How Chafing Causes Boils

Chafing can cause boils because chaffed skin can tear and allow an infection to get in which can cause boils. Boils frequently occur most in areas containing sweat glands and hair, or in areas where recurring friction happens or areas where chaffing happens. Both of these situations can cause skin boils. Sometimes the skin boils can turn into abscesses.