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Some areas of the skin are very sensitive and easy to scratch. Chafing is a very painful skin irritation that can happen when a person runs, walks, or exercises. The areas where it occurs the most is under the arms, between the thighs, and the groin area. It can cause a person’s skin to become red and irritated. This happens as a result of the skin constantly rubbing against clothes or skin rubbing the skin.

Effects of chaff skin

Skin that is chaff can definitely cause cuts in the skin as well as other irritations such as burning and scarring. Scarring is a result of the burning and the skin tearing. Wet skin can definitely make chafing worse, so it is important to stay dry.

How does chafing cause cuts
When the skin stays chaff for a long period of time the skin begins to tear. When this happens the cuts can increase the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. This can not only make chaff skin, annoying, but it can also make you sick.