Can Chafing Cause Pimples?

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When it comes to having fun and spending time outdoors, the one thing you don’t want ruining it, is chafing. Chafing is definitely no fun and there are multiple methods in which one can protect themselves from such an occurrence. For the most part, a simple change in what you wear (not wearing lose fitting clothes) and making sure you’re using the right products can be a step in the right direction for prevention. Now, we’ll get down to what most are probably wondering, can chafing cause pimples?

Can Chafing cause pimples?

The answer is absolutely! In fact, many people who often participate in things such as cycling or horse riding are often among the man who experience this issue. While it may seem like a cause for alarm when you first see them, rest assured they’re harmless and typically can be treated with a simple over the counter medication. You want to try and keep the body dry when your outdoors and try to find an under garment that is appropriate in helping do so. Many people are under the misbelief that by wearing a lose fit clothing, enough air will pass over the body to prevent this type of issue, but unfortunately is more likely to be the underlying cause behind such things.

Always keep the climate in your area or the area you’ll be in, in mind when participating in anything that can cause sweating. Sweating as most know will lead to chafing and of course can lead to pimples.