can chafing cause sores

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how chafing cause sores.
Chafing can also cause sores especially if not taken seriously. It would be important to note that continued friction between the vulnerable parts of the skin could lead to inflammation and if not treated with caution could make sores. Some of the apparel that people wear is the main cause of friction between the skin and the clothing. Under profuse sweating and physical activity, the skin becomes soft making it vulnerable to friction.
What is the effect of chafing on skin?
When in touch with fluids, the epidermis of the skin becomes soft. Under intense physical activity, the apparel rubs with the skin causing high friction. The friction with the skin wears out the epidermis layer exposing the inner soft tissues. The inners soft tissue are not only fragile but also vulnerable to infection by the disease causing organisms. When the epidermis is worn out the inner tissues now exposed to the disease causing organisms inflames and then can form sores if not treated promptly.
How to prevent sores due to chafing.
One of the major ways of preventing chafing is doing skins that would not create friction with the body. Another one would be applying fluids the reduce the friction.