can chafing cause swelling?

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chaffing can cause swelling.
Chaffing often occurs as a result of friction between the skin and the clothes. The skin has the outer layer called epidermis. It protects the internal parts of the skin from disease causing organisms and harm. During an intense physical activity of sweating is inevitable, the epidermis is softened. Continued friction with the clothing wears it thus exposing the inner tissues to harm and infections. The frictions normally causes rashes on the skin that comes as a result of the respond of the body in an attempt to heal the damaged part.

How can chafing be prevented?
Due to the exposure of the inner skin layers, it may lead to inflammation of the cells thus swelling in that area. To know the prevention of a given condition, the cause must be ascertained. The major causes of chafing are sweating and inappropriate apparel. Many people have been exposed to the effects such as swelling of the skin due to the inappropriate apparel worn when doing an intense physical activity. Some of the parts that may swell are the nipples, thighs and even the armpits. When taking part in sports it would be advisable to wear skins that do not cause friction with the skin. Some of the people may also opt to use fluids to reduce friction.