Can Chafing Get Infected?

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This question is asked over and over again. The honest answer is that yes, chafing can get infected. The quickest way to cause an infection to a chafed section of skin is to continue activities that allow that area to sweat more. The moist and the heat lead to the chafe getting worse, as it gets worse, it can cause the skin to crack allowing for fungus and other germs to enter the body, which will cause an infection to that area of the skin.

Many doctors tell patients that if they do end up with chafing problems, they should be resting and not maintaining their current activity levels until the area is healed. They say this, because it will help to control how bad the chafing is. It will also help to keep from there being more friction that would lead to the problem getting worse. As the chafing gets worse, it makes the chances of an infection occurring a lot greater, which means that if left untreated, the person could find themselves with an infection that could cause a lot more serious issues down the road.