Can chafing smell?

Best products to use in the test

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Chafing is one of the experiences that is boring to the core. This is due to the fact that normally leads not only to irritation of the skin but also inflammation and bad odor from the area. Knowing the cause of a condition would lead to a successful treatment and prevention. It is commonly caused by friction between the cloths and the skin. A continued rubbing would lead to wearing out of the epidermis layer of the skin.

Where commonly does it occur?
Chafing could also lead to a bad odor since it does require the moisture as well as other products such as salt to hasten it. Some parts of the body that are vulnerable to chafing are nipples, armpits and the thighs. When one puts on a cotton apparel, it is more likely that it would occur. Some parts of the body with thin skin are more vulnerable as compared to other parts. There is more likelihood that chafing would occur in the armpits than the soles of the feet.

How does bad odor come about?
Under intense physical exercise, the body sweats profusely. Pressure between the skin and the apparel, the moisture from the sweats and grinding effects of salts from sweating interacts together to bring about chafing. The friction leads to a bad odor.