Can Chafing Spread?

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Can Chafing Spread?

When you think about chafing you think about a rash that is often both itchy and at times painful. In most cases, excess moisture and not wearing the proper attire for outdoor activities is the main cause. While it may be tempting to scratch the irritated areas, it’s highly unadvised. The biggest question found is, can chafing spread? We’re here to answer that and give a bit more insight to what can happen when it’s left untreated.

Chafing Spreading

In theory chafing isn’t your every day run of the mill type of rash. You can get it almost anywhere on your body that excess moisture rests and goes unnoticed for extended amounts of time. It can become pretty itchy, sore and cause a lot of discomfort. By scratching the affected area, and touching other parts of the body, you’re not going to spread it. However, if by continuous scratching and leaving untreated, you can open up other areas of the skin and cause it to spread further. It’s not something that is contagious or can be spread in a viral sense, but as it can become a type of fungal issue, broken skin and continuous scratching in the area will definitely cause it to spread out further.