Chafing Bumps

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Chafing causes irritated skin, which entails, reddening, blisters, tenderness, and if left untreated, infection. The criminals in question at the moment are BLISTERS.

Chafing Bumps
If you have ever experienced chafing you have probably encountered this. First, your skin turns red. Then, little bumps start to form that seem to correlate with your hair follicles. Final, (if left untreated) the rubbing can be so server that you actually cause lacerations on yourself. These bumps usually are caused by skin rubbing on skin or from skin rubbing on clothing.

What is a Bump?
A bump is a little blister, which means those little red bumps are filling up with fluids, and before you know it they are ready to pop! When they pop they sting like crazy.

In a Nutshell
Chafing can and usually does cause bumps or blisters. If these bumps are left untreated they may rupture and become infected. No matter what stage you are in, the chaffing process is best to treat as soon as possible and say goodbye to those horrible burning little red bumps!