Chafing Cysts

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Chafing can best described as an irritation of the skin caused by continual friction. The irritation that occurs is many times caused by direct skin to skin contact. The direct skin to skin contact involved with this disorder almost always involves several parts of the body.

Parts of the body susceptible to this annoying and sometimes painful disorder are the under arms and area directly around the nipples. Chafing can cause benign cysts in some instances. Repeated irritation on the inner thigh can cause cysts. The cysts that develop are almost always benign however they can be bothersome at times.

If a cyst caused by chafing becomes painful then it can be removed. However, if a cyst is not causing pain or discomfort many times it is left alone and the physician may elect to simply keep an eye on it. Cysts caused by chafing can be removed through a couple of different methods.

A cyst can be drained until all fluid is removed from a specific area. In some cases a cyst can return however many times once removed it does not reappear. In most cases a dermatologist can remove a cyst. Larger more complex cysts may be handled by a surgeon.

Cysts that may develop due to this potentially painful and annoying disorder can be hereditary in nature. Cysts can be more of annoyance as opposed to a serious health concern. However, if a cyst begins to grow larger it may be time to have it removed.

Chafing can also occur on the thigh area. The irritation caused can be quite painful. However, there are certain things a person can do to relieve itching and irritation. Applying something such as Vasoline many help the affected area. However, if over the counter remedies fail to produce results you may need to see a physician for more effective treatment. There are prescription remedies available from a physician.