Four of the Best Ways to Stop Chafing Before it Even Started

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One of the most irritating parts of moving around a lot in humid weather is the chafing that can occur. Though cutesy names such as “chub rub” make it seem tolerable, chafing can be truly painful. Chafing can happen to anyone, regardless of size, and it can occur in a variety of places, including elbows, arms, and thighs. If you are tired of dealing with chafing, try a few of these tried and true anti chafing options.

1. Anti Chafe Cream

An anti chafing cream can be one of the easiest and most affordable choices. Anti chafing cream can be applied anywhere, if you have to deal with chafing on your arms or chest. Plenty of companies create an excellent anti chafing cream that people swear by. If you want a quick solution to chafing, then anti chafe cream can be an excellent choice.

2. Anti Chafing Shorts

Anti chafing shorts are a great option for athletic people who want to be able to move around and run a lot without harming their thighs. Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts are one of the top anti chafing shorts. Anti chafe shorts can easily be worn under athletic shorts or dresses to provide anti chafing relief.

3. Anti Chafing Gel

Anti chafing gel is a relatively new product that is revolutionizing the anti chafe industry. If you hate having extra layers under your clothing, you can just apply a thin layer of anti chafing gel before you leave the house in the morning. Brands such as Monistat create anti chafing gel that provides protection but does not feel gross and slimy. Anti chafing gel often comes in small containers that you can easily throw into your bag and carry anywhere.

4. Anti Chafing Underwear

There are plenty of cute anti chafing underwear options. Some brands, like Undersummers, produce comfy boyshorts that go all the way up to a size 30. Anti chafing underwear can be found with lace borders and adorable vintage styles that look attractive instead of utilitarian. One of the best parts about wearing anti chafing underwear is that you can stop unpleasant chafing while still feeling confident and beautiful.

Products to stop chafing are becoming more common, and there are plenty of choices besides the standard anti chafe cream. With the right anti chafe products, you do not have to worry about pain or awkwardness. By guarding against chafing before it happens, you can ensure that you can remain comfortable and active in even the most humid of weather.