My Armpits are Chafing

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When you experience the condition known as chafing, you can have this occur on any part of your body. One of the parts of the body where you can commonly experience chafing is the armpits. If you wear certain shirts or make frequent contact with rough surfaces you are more likely to experience this condition. When you get this form of irritation on the armpits you can get blisters, calluses and itchiness. Therefore this condition can cause a considerable amount of discomfort. However by making some changes in your lifestyle and clothing choices you can prevent chafing from forming in your armpits again.

If you are having chafing occur in your armpits, you will want to do a few things. First you will want to wear shirts that are made out of 100% cotton. This material helps soothe the skin and is quite soft on it as well. It will also be important to use a number of creams that help eliminate irritation of the skin. Those who get chafing on their armpits will also want to avoid making contact with surfaces that are rough on the skin. By following this protocol an individual will be in better position to avoid getting skin irritation in their armpits.