my nipples are chafing

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Nipples are some of the parts of the body with extremely soft skin. It would thus be important for ladies when doing any physical activity to consider the right measures to prevent friction between the skin and clothes. When doing physical activity, the nipples can sweat profusely. This makes then skin soft and vulnerable to the friction leading to itching or even bleeding of the nipples.
Why do nipples itch during chafing?
When in touch with fluids, the skin often become soft. The nipples too are vulnerable to friction when one is under intense physical activity. The nipples often stick to the bra and a continued intense friction between the apparel and the skin could lead not only to itching of the nipples but also bleeding and inflammation.
How to prevent chafing of the nipples.
It would be important to note that chafing is mainly caused by friction between the skin and the apparel. One of the major way of prevention is putting on a sports bra. It has the ability to prevent the friction because it is skin. Some of the people apply fluids to their nipples which is a very important method of preventing the same