Protect And Nourish Your Skin

Best products to use in the test

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With all the options on the market for dry, flaking skin suffering from poor care and chafing, few people realize that they may finally have relief without spending outside of their budget.

Chafing can be a very painful issue, but thankfully, there’s a cheap and time-tested product available for its relief–Vaseline, a familiar household product that boasts a wide range of uses from mechanical lubrication to impromptu lip moisturizer. Vaseline works for chafing by coating and protecting the damaged area from harm, allowing the epidermis beneath it to heal. Using Vaseline for chafing protects the user from further damaging their skin, and allows the skin to continue the healing process.

After a time, however, Vaseline should not be the only preventative care for skin damage. Wearing clothing that can protect the skin is a great start, as is saving up the money for an effective moisturizer that restores suppleness to the skin. Keeping skin soft, clean, and covered goes a long way in preventing chafing.