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Running and the Chafing Experience

<strong>A Common Occurrence</strong>
There are many runners who experience a common occurrence. This is chafing. It is painful, common, aggravating, embarrassing and even preventable. Chafing is a common occurrence for many runners because sweat and skin rubbing together is a breeding ground for chafing. Runners and chafing do not necessarily need to be companions. This skin issue includes the following themes for runners:
* redness
* irritation
* the thighs feeling raw
Do not become discouraged if you are a runner because solutions are available to help you to avoid this skin dilemma. Having your thighs rubbing together can be avoided by a runner. Your risk of developing a skin irritation after running can be reduced and avoided with a few good tips.

<strong>A Few Good Tips for Avoiding Chafing</strong>
You will not need to give up your running because of skin concerns. Try the following tips and add a little skin prevention into your running. The tips include:
* stay aware of your clothing; your choice of running cloths may reduce your chances of skin irritation. be careful of any seams that might rub against your skin
* gels, lubricants and balms; include one of these items on your skin to reduce friction as you are running
* lightly powder your skin; this will reduce moisture

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