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What Do Chafing Blisters Look Like

Chafing blisters appear as pockets of raised skin. They may be similar to a boil as the pocket contains a clear fluid.

Chafing Blisters
To the one who has them, these are likely annoying, bothersome, irritating and vexing.

To the observer, the affected skin area appears as a scratch, scrape or excoriation.

Treatment for Chafing
-As prevention, apply skin powder to reduce perspiration.
-If exercising is regular, wear synthetic fibers not cotton.
-When crusting is noted apply a lubricant like Petroleum gel.

Chafing Treated By Healthcare Provider
-When skin appears crusted, bleeding, irritated, has become bothersome or very annoying, confer with a healthcare provider.
-The affected skin area may be treated via prescription for a medical ointment.
-If infection is detected, antibiotic will likely be prescribed.
-During the treatment period allow for rest so the excoriation may heal well.

Further Information
The website, <a href=""> contains </a> more information concerning treatment protocol and strategy for addressing chafing blisters.

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