Does Chafing lead to Haves?

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Chafing and Hives are skin irritations that could lead to a person wanting to seek out medical help in order to combat the problem. However, could chafing which results from an area of the body rubbing against something such as center of two legs lead to a break out of hives?

Anyone who has experiences hives know that these can commonly be caused by an allergic reaction to something such as a medication. However, when having hives individuals are told to wear loose fitting clothing and to avoid as much heat as possible. This is because tight fitting clothing is another thing that can cause chafing to occur. So having hives can lead to the other skin irritation that is more common and will cause more issues in healing.

However, is the other way possible that chafing causes hives. Those who have experienced this common skin irritation knows that something it can get worse and result in a rash breaking out. It can also lead to bumps showing up as well. So, these could be classified a form of hives. When these happens it’s always a good idea to do something about the problem. There are many products these days that can help heal up the skin irritation even if it has resulted in a secondary condition. The best advice is look around and do research. Also if necessary consult a physician when it comes to a secondary problem such as hives in that spot it might be something to consider. But one of the best forms of defense is to try to stop chafing before it occurs and there are anti-chafing products as well that can be used to do just that.