What Helps Chafing Balls

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Chafing is very common and can be extremely painful, especially if it’s on your testicles. Painful burning and stinging sensations are the most common symptoms along with unusual red raw looking skin. Which is caused by skin rubbing against clothing or other skin. Moisture from sweat or even rain can cause loosely fitting clothes or clothes with a rough seam to run and cause chafing. With a few simple tips you can help treat and prevent this painful rash. One of the most simplest and most beneficial tip is to stay hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated will minimize the salt crystals which can help treat and prevent. Another great treatment and prevention tip is to apply a powder that contains these essential ingredients. Corn starch, zinc, and kaolin. These ingredients have proven facts in drying up and preventing this painful rash on your balls or any other part of your body where it is prone to occur.